Tuesday, February 17, 2015

John Atkins

John Atkins of the County of Fayette and state of Virginia that I was in the
revolutionary war with him I think in the year 1779 we were stationed at Osburns Mill in Surry County State of North Carolina. he was under the command of captain David Harrison and I was under the command of Captain David Humphries I do not now recollect whether there was a regiment or what number of men or companys were there or what the army at that place was called we had the place aforesaid as a place of rendezvous where we continued near six months to guard against the depredations of the tories and Indians which time I know that the said John Atkins was in the service of the united states. after we continued here the term as aforesaid we were marched to a place called Salsberry where I last saw him during the war I enlisted there under Capt James Shepherd and the said John Atkins I was informed enlisted under Capt Thomas Henderson.

Pension of William Carter...had its head quarters at Osborne mill on Loving’s creek [sic: now Lovills Creek] in the said County of Surry – While the said company and the applicant of course were engaged in this service some of the North Carolina light Horse took some of the tories prisoners and committed [several words illegible] to the Jail of Surry Cty aforesaid the applicant was directed to take some of the rest and escort them to the Head quarters above mentioned, where they were kept awhile, and then taken in charge of the applicant and some horsemen to the Jail of Henry County Virginia. While in this tour the applicant and fifteen or twenty of the troops pursued the Tories who had robbed a whig Daniel Carlin while said Carlin was in [word illegible],) some distance over the mountain dispersed them and recovered the property

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