Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gino Vannelli Collected, Charlotte History and vinyl

Gino Vannelli Collected. Gino comments on the value of the vinyl vintage technology in this link. It is a fashion with 20 years olds.  I hear him...

Ok, you must wonder what I have done this morning.  I am collecting too. I found drafts of posts that did not appear in my blog from the past. Some are still great.  I want to put them out there.  I published them. So you are getting some older things without the fancy links.

Also I bought this new 3CD set of Gino Vannelli songs from all ages including international ones and one never published. It is wonderful!!!  It is called Gino Vannelli Collected as you see also.  Sometimes you regroup to examine the past and see what you have left undone.  You edit and clear space for new ideas and inspiration.  You find the mementos so precious to recall your past experiences and relive them, then go forward and have new experiences.  I SO hope this is what Gino is doing with this collection of beautiful music, and that he will return to NC some day soon.

Meanwhile, there is a famous vinyl record shop in Charlotte, NC called The Wax Museum. 
(Charlotte is FULL of revolutionary war tales being the center of the hornets nest. ) Maybe they have some of these Gino Vannelli records.   They are also known for their love of Beach Music.  Such a great fit - blue-eyed soul and Gino, if they don't have them, maybe this will alert them.

We have to go there.

Meanwhile, RIP Lesley Gore.  This song fits the Revolutionary theme, You Don't Own Me.

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