Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank-YOU!! Congressman Spratt!!!

I am pleased to report the bill establishing the Carolina Revolutionary Road National Heritage Area has been introduced in this session of Congress and we are off and running again!! Yay!

Why didn't I think to just call him up during this lame duck session. But, thank-you Blog readers, Facebook friends and others for delivering this dispatch. I think we can carry on from here.

Meanwhile, I had an inquiry from a CEO in eastern NC for a designing position and I am waiting with my fingers crossed for the HR people to schedule my interview. I would be sourcing and designing and traveling. I have always wanted to see India so I am interested in this very much. However, I am also interested in the Heritage arts and crafts of our great land. I wonder with designers in the offices of former customers if we might find ways to source unique textiles back in this country. My economic eyes will be open.

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